Medical Auditing Services (MAS) has been providing hospital bill audit services since 1985. For the past twelve years, MAS has focused its recovery efforts on the health payer insurance industry. MAS offers options specifically designed to fit each payer’s unique contractual terms with healthcare providers.

MAS’ program is intended to enhance the payer’s existing recovery efforts; its team works in concert with clients to ensure a comprehensive recovery plan.

Medical Auditing Services conducts thorough and accurate reviews of hospital billing, recovering and preventing losses due to overpayments. The services provided to MAS clients ensure that the insurer pays only for services that were provided, properly documented and included under the agreement with the healthcare provider. These services include:

  • Detailed bill and chart audits
  • Prepayment audits
  • MS-DRG coding validation
  • AP-DRG coding validation
  • APC pricing
  • Contract compliance payment audits

The result is significant savings for our clients.

Between the basic functions that make the discovery and recovery are the relationships developed with the payer and the provider. Over the past twenty-five years, MAS has earned the cooperation and trust of hospital providers and payers nationwide.

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